Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

Click Marketing, Inc. aka leadjumper.com hereinafter referred to as "LeadJumper" operates a sales funnel platform and networking blogging system that allows members to publish their content online for search engine optimization and search engine page rankings as part of the network. All services and products offered by LeadJumper are proprietary to LeadJumper and include but are not limited to LeadJumper Easy Funnels and LeadJumper Easy Blog.

This Terms of Use Agreement hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement" may be modified from time to time, and constitutes legally binding terms which applies to your use of LeadJumper's services and products and is considered an enforceable contract. When accessing or using any of the services and products of LeadJumper, you agree that you are bound by this Agreement whether you are a member of our platform or a visitor accessing our network. Furthermore the term "User" within this agreement will refer to both an Member and visitor. You are hereby authorized to use and/or access LeadJumper's services and products in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, hereinafter referred to as Applicable Law and also within the terms of this Agreement.

LeadJumper reserves the right to modify this Agreement from time to time at their sole discretion, and any modifications shall become effective immediately once they are published online. By continuing to use LeadJumper's services and products after any such modification is published constitutes your acceptance to any such modification to the Agreement. Therefore it is important and all Users are recommended to review this Agreement on a regular bases. If for any reason you do not agree to be bound by this Agreement, you must immediately discontinue the use of LeadJumper's services and products.

Electronic Communications
When you visit LeadJumper or send e-mails to LeadJumper, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on LeadJumper website. You agree that all Agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

All content included on any websites that are owned and operated by LeadJumper, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, etc. are the property of LeadJumper or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on LeadJumper is the exclusive property of LeadJumper and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All software used on LeadJumper is the property of LeadJumper or its software suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws.

All trademarks not owned by LeadJumper that appear on LeadJumper are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be memberd with, connected to, or sponsored by LeadJumper.

It is prohibited to use the name 'LeadJumper' or any variation thereof within blog titles, page titles, username, email and/or a domain name that is used to promote LeadJumper as a member to earn commissions. Members that are involved in such a prohibited act will be immediately terminated from our program and will automatically forfiet any earned commissions.

Product Descriptions
LeadJumper and its Users attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, LeadJumper does not warrant that service and product descriptions or other content of LeadJumper is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.

Product & Service Fees
Except where noted otherwise, the initial purchase price for LeadJumper's software and services access requires a one time $99.00 setup fee, and then a direct member payment for the level of membership you wish to participate in. You understand that upon purchase of services and products available through LeadJumper that only your software and services purchase is non-refundable.

Refund Policy
LeadJumper has a strict no-refund policy as memberhip level payments are made member to member, and all purchases are final.

Disclaimer of Warranties
LeadJumper is provided to you on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. LeadJumper makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the operation of LeadJumper or the information, content, materials, services or products included on LeadJumper. You expressly agree that your use of LeadJumper is at your sole risk. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, LeadJumper disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability. LeadJumper does not warrant that services, products, servers, or e-mails sent from LeadJumper are free of viruses or other harmful components. LeadJumper will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of services or products available through LeadJumper, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages. Certain state laws do not allow limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of certain damages. If these laws apply to you, some or all of the above disclaimers, exclusions, or limitations may not apply to you, and you might have additional rights.

Easy Blog Content
LeadJumper does not claim any ownership rights in images, files, videos, photos, applications, text or any other materials known collectively as Content that you transmit, display, submit or publish in connection with LeadJumper's services and products. When you publish Content in connections with or on LeadJumper's services and products, you retain any such rights which are included within your Content, subject to the limited licenses that are granted to you as stated hereinafter.

When you publish Content in connection with or on the services and products available with LeadJumper, you hereby grant to LeadJumper a limited license to your Content which includes the right to modify, delete, use, display, distribute and reproduce such Content throughout the services and products available by LeadJumper.

When you remove Content from the services and products that are available through LeadJumper, the limited license will be terminated. Once Content is published and distributed through LeadJumper's services and products and then removed, LeadJumper is under no obligation to delete or ask to third parties to delete links or connections to that Content and therefore these links or connections may continue to appear online.

The limited license you grant to LeadJumper when publishing your Content is non-exclusive, royalty-free and considered sub-licensable allowing LeadJumper to distribute said Content world-wide through the internet and to search engines.

When you publish Content you represent and warrant that you own or otherwise have the right to publish such Content as set for below, and that such Content published does not violate any rights of any individual or entity.

If any such Content you publish is entitled royalties, fees or any other compensation for using such Content to a third party, you agree to pay any sum due to that third party and you along with any third party further understand that LeadJumper is not responsible for such payment.

You understand that Content provided by LeadJumper is protected by copyright, trade secret and other laws and that LeadJumper owns and retains all the right to such Content. LeadJumper hereby grants you a limited license that is revocable to display or reproduce such Content online for viewing purposes only.

You understand that Content provided by Users of LeadJumper may not be copied, modified, sold, transmitted, displayed or distributed in any other fashion except as otherwise stated within this Agreement.

LeadJumper's Content may contain additional Content that is published by or through third party licensors that are not considered Users of LeadJumper, and any third party Content published is protected by copyright, trade secret and other laws in which each third party licensor retains all rights related to its Content. You are hereby granted a limited and revocable license to view or participate in any third party Content published in connection with the services and products that are available through LeadJumper and you further understand LeadJumper is not responsible for any third party content or interaction you may have with any third party content.

LeadJumper reserves the right with the Content that you publish to limit the storage capacity with the services and products available through LeadJumper.

You agree that the Content you publish with the services and products available through LeadJumper may not include any form of Prohibited Content as stated hereinafter, at that LeadJumper is not responsible or liable for any violations of the publishing of such Prohibited Content by a User. Reported violations of Prohibited Content will be removed immediately from LeadJumper's Content and the User responsible for such Prohibited Content will be held liable for such an action and have their account terminated immediately. The publication of any Prohibited Content on the services and products available through LeadJumper is a direct violation of this Agreement, and LeadJumper assumes no responsibility or liability for this material.

Prohibited Content
LeadJumper reserves the right to investigate any violation of Prohibited Content, and such a violation can result in legal action against any individual who violates this provision including but not limited to removing the Prohibited Content immediately, terminating the account of the User responsible of the violation and reporting violations to the proper legal and law enforcement authorities.

Prohibited Content includes but is not limited to Content that:

  • is offensive or promotes or incites bigotry, racism, hatred or physical harm of any type against any individual or group.
  • harasses or advocates harassment towards a group or individual.
  • contains nudity, violence, contains a hyperlink to an adult website or any other type of offensive subject matter.
  • exploits any individual or group in any form of a sexual or violent manner.
  • targets and solicits, or is designed to solicit any type of personal information from an individual that is under the age of 18 years.
  • is published publicly that creates or poses a privacy or security risk to any individual or group.
  • is misleading, false or promotes illegal conduct or activities that are obscene, threatening, abusive, defamatory or libelous.
  • is illegal or an unauthorized copy of another individual's, entities' or group's copyrighted material of any sort.
  • involves or promotes unsolicited mass emailing and instant messaging of any sort known as spamming.
  • publishes restricted information including but not limited to password protected accounts, access pages or hidden pages and images.
  • promotes or incites any type of criminal activity or provides instructional information regarding any type of criminal activity.
  • is designed to solicit personal identifying information such as passwords or account information from any individual.
  • uses any type of sexually suggestive comments or imagery in a misleading or deceptive manner.
  • includes or displays images or videos of another individual, entity or group without their consent.
  • displays any type of criminal activity including but not limited to: child pornography, illegal gambling, fraud, trafficking, drug dealing, harassment, stalking, spamming, spimming, obscene material, defamation, sending viruses and harmful files, theft of any type, patent infringement, copyright infringement or trademark infringement.

Prohibited Activity
LeadJumper reserves the right to investigate any violation of Prohibited Activities, and such a violation can result in legal action against any individual who violates this provision including but not limited to terminating the account of the User responsible of the violation and reporting violations to the proper legal and law enforcement authorities.

Prohibited Activities include but are not limited to activities or actions that:

  • transmit unsolicited emails and instant messages to the Users of the services and products available through LeadJumper.
  • circumvents or modifies, attempts to circumvent or modify or encourages the attempt to circumvent or modify any type of security or technology that is a part of LeadJumper.
  • involves the use of bots, worms, viruses or any other type of harmful code or program.
  • involves copying, distributing, modifying, scrapping or transmitting any Content from the services and products available through LeadJumper.
  • are designed to interfere, disrupt or create an a burden on the services and products available through LeadJumper.
  • attempt to impersonate or impersonate LeadJumper, a LeadJumper user, a LeadJumper employee or any other individual, entity or group.
  • involves using an account of another user at any time, allowing account access to a third party or permitting a third party to access your account.
  • involves the selling or transferring of your account in any manner to another individual, entity or group.
  • involves obtaining information from the services and products available through LeadJumper to harm, abuse or harass another individual, entity or group.
  • involves accepting payment from a third party in exchange for performing any type of commercial activity through the services and products available through LeadJumper.
  • involves disguising headers against any Content obtained from the services and products available through LeadJumper to forge or misrepresent another party as the source of the content.
  • involves using any type of scripts, bots or an automated system to harvest email addresses or any other data from services and products available through LeadJumper for the purposes of sending unauthorized materials or unsolicited emails.
  • involves using the services and products available through LeadJumper that is inconsistent or in violation any applicable local, state and federal law.

Content Infringement
LeadJumper values and respects the copyrighted material and intellectual property of others and we require that all Users do the same. Users are forbidden to publish, embed, email or transmit any material or property that infringes in against copyrighted, trademarked, trade secrets, patented or any other proprietary right of any individual, entity or group. Furthermore, such actions can result in the User's account being terminated immediately.

If for any reason you believe your materials have been infringed upon through the services and products that are available with LeadJumper, please contact us with a notification of infringement and include the following information:

  • identification of the work that you deem as infringed upon.
  • location url where infringed material is displayed on LeadJumper.
  • proof that will verify your copyrighted materials or intellectual property.
  • Sufficient information that will permit us to contact you.
  • a good faith statement that the infringement is not authorized by the copyright or intellectual property owner.
  • a statement held under penalty of perjury by you that the above information is true and accurate.
  • all infringement notifications must include your signature and date.
Any notification on claimed infringement should be mailed to Click Marketing, Inc. 1095 Evergreen Circle, Suite 200, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Third Party Services
Third party services may appear and be available on the services and products made available through LeadJumper. When you interact with a third party service, you are directly dealing with the third party and not LeadJumper. If a dispute should arise as a result of interacting with a third party service, LeadJumper has no obligation to become involved in or held liable in any such dispute.

As a User of the services and products available through LeadJumper you are fully responsible for your interactions with any third party services or other LeadJumper users and LeadJumper shall not be held liable for any such disputes from either party involved with the dispute.

LeadJumper makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy and reliability of any User's Content that is published in connection with the services and products available through LeadJumper and is not responsible for any such Content. Furthermore any Content published by a User does not reflect the policies or opinions of LeadJumper. In regards to third party services, LeadJumper is not responsible for the opinions or content which may or may not be displayed on the third party's website. Any inclusion of a third party services that is displayed or offered within the services and products that are available from LeadJumper does not imply any type of endorsement or approval of that service by LeadJumper. When you interact or access any third party service, you do so at your own risk and LeadJumper takes no responsibility for your interaction and cannot be held liable.

Furthermore LeadJumper is neither responsible nor liable for any damages, injury or any other type of loss caused by a User's published content in connection with the services and products available through LeadJumper or through third party services which may be available.

Responsibility For User Links
User will indemnify and hold the LeadJumper harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) relating to the development, operation, maintenance, and contents of User links.

User Acknowledgment
User acknowledges this Agreement prior to an account with LeadJumper and understands that the status of being an account User will end when terminated by either party. Either the User or LeadJumper may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party 5 days prior written notice of termination. Upon termination, all of LeadJumper's related content and User links shall be removed promptly from being used. Users are only eligible to earn payouts on product and service purchases occurring during the term when the User has an active account with LeadJumper, and commissions earned through the date of termination will remain payable to the User only if the product or service purchases are not canceled, refuned, or a chargedback as long as the User has not violated any other terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Policies And Pricing
LeadJumper may at times change policies and operating procedures at any time consistent with applicable laws. LeadJumper will determine the prices to be charged for services and products sold through LeadJumper in accordance with our own pricing policies. Service and product prices and availability may vary from time to time.

Order Processing
LeadJumper will track all service and product purchases that are placed by online through User links in accordance with applicable legal requirements. LeadJumper reserves the right to reject any service or product purchase that does not comply with any reasonable requirements that LeadJumper may establish. LeadJumper will be responsible for all aspects of tracking service and product purchases and granting access to LeadJumpers services and products.

Commission Payouts
Commission payouts are made immediately through our member to member payment platform. All membership levels payout 100% commissions up to the membership level you participate in. If a member produces a sale of a membership level higher than the level they are participating in, that sale will go to the next member in the upline that is at the membership level being purchased.

It is a direct violation of LeadJumper to file a false fraudulent claim or chargeback against LeadJumper for the initial setup fee, and all disputes will be presented with full documentation proving the fraudulent claim or purchase is a false claim in itself. However if the dispute should be found in favor of the User and the fraudulent claim or chargeback is awarded to the User, the User's account shall be terminated immediately for all services and products available through LeadJumper that were being utilized by the User. Furthermore the User will forfeit any member commissions that are payable or in reserves and their membership with LeadJumper will be terminated.

Any member earnings received in your account may be reversed at any time if such earning is subject to a refund, chargeback or fraudulent transaction.

LeadJumper will dispute all chargebacks and fraudulent transactions on behalf of our Users with documentation that has been collected at the time of the purchase. If in the event we should lose the dispute against the chargeback, the chargeback will reverse the commission against the member along with a $35.00 chargeback fee. If an member account does not have an available balance within it to cover the cost of the chargeback amount and fee as a result of the chargeback or fraudulent transaction, the balance of the remaining chargeback and chargeback fee will then be deducted from any reserve amounts within the member's account. If in the event the member's account and reserves do not cover the cost of the chargeback or chargeback fee, then the remaining balance of the chargeback amount and chargeback will be deducted against all member accounts and reserves.

Limited License
LeadJumper grants User a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable right to access LeadJumper through User links solely in accordance with this Agreement and solely in connection with such links, to use our logos, trade names, trademarks, graphic images and similar identifying materials.

Relationship Of Parties
Users and LeadJumper are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties. Users have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on behalf of LeadJumper. Users will not make any statements that reasonably state otherwise.

User acknowledges that by entering into and performing its obligations under this Agreement. LeadJumper does not assume and should not be exposed to the business and operational risks associated with a User's business, or any aspects of the operation or content of a User's website(s). Accordingly, in addition to any other indemnification obligations contained in this Agreement, User shall protect, defend, hold harmless and indemnify LeadJumper from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses, even if such claims are groundless, fraudulent or false (including court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred as a result of such claims against LeadJumper and its licensors, suppliers, officers, directors, employees and agents arising from or connected with any of the Content or activities of a User's website (including without limitation any activities or aspects thereof or commerce conducted thereon) or related business, or a User's misuse, unauthorized modification or unauthorized use of the services or products provided by LeadJumper.

Limitation Of Liability
LeadJumper will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this Agreement or LeadJumper's member program, even if LeadJumper has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Further, LeadJumper's aggregate liability arising with respect to this Agreement and LeadJumper's member program will not exceed the total commissions earned by the User under this Agreement.

LeadJumper make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to LeadJumper's member program or any services or products sold through LeadJumper's member program (including, without limitation, warranties of fitness, merchantability, non-infringement, or any implied warranties arising out of a course of performance, dealing, or trade usage). In addition, LeadJumper makes no representation that the operation of our website will be uninterrupted or error-free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors. However, LeadJumper will make reasonable efforts to correct errors or interruptions promptly.

Independent Investigation
User acknowledges that they have read this Agreement and agree to all terms and conditions listed within this Agreement. User understands that we may at any time (directly or indirectly) solicit customer referrals on terms that may differ from those contained within this Agreement or operate websites that are similar to or compete with your website. User has independently evaluated LeadJumper member program and are not relying on any representations, guarantees, or statements other than as set within this Agreement.

User shall not create, publish, distribute, make or permit any public announcement of this Agreement or the relationship contemplated within this Agreement, (including, but not limited to, any press release, client list, screen shot, advertisement or any promotional material) without first submitting such material to LeadJumper and receiving LeadJumper's written approval.

Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or with LeadJumper's prior written consent, User agrees that all information including, without limitation, that the terms and conditions stated herein, LeadJumper and LeadJumper's business and financial information, LeadJumper's customer lists, and LeadJumper's pricing and sales information, shall remain strictly confidential and shall not be utilized, directly or indirectly, by a User for a their own business purposes or for any other purpose except and solely to the extent that any such information is generally known or available to the public through a source or sources other than the Users. Notwithstanding the foregoing, User may deliver a copy of any such information (a) pursuant to a subpoena issued by any court or administrative agency, (b) to User's accountants, attorneys, or other agents on a confidential basis, and (c) otherwise as required by applicable law, rule, regulation or legal process.

Applicable Law
this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the United States and the State Of Texas, without reference to rules governing choice of laws. Any action relating to this Agreement must be brought in the federal or state courts having jurisdiction and venue in or for Montgomery County, Texas and customer/User irrevocably consents to the jurisdiction of such courts. You may not assign this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without our prior written consent. Subject to that restriction, this Agreement will be binding on, inure to the benefit of, and enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and assigns. LeadJumper's failure or agreement not to enforce a User's violation of any provision of this Agreement in a given instance will not constitute a waiver of LeadJumper's right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement.